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We provide a destination for community historical artifacts to be displayed and enjoyed by the community. Browse through two ever-changing rooms of donated artifacts related to Yorktown, Indiana and Mount Pleasant Township. Our collection contains items from individuals and businesses. We display vintage advertising, period clothing, tools, household items, business and organization records, photos, and more. A walk through the museum can bring back memories of places like Ralph’s Market, Marsh,  or the round barn that formed part of our collective memory and experience of life in Yorktown.

The museum is a destination for groups of all kinds and ages. We can create a specialized program based upon the interests of your group. Consider the museum for your next field trip or club event!

Resources for Research and Genealogy

Grandma wore saddle shoes?! Genealogists and historians visit our museum to search through our references of local history and family histories. Our collection can help round out the picture of life in Yorktown long ago. Guests can look through Yorktown High School yearbook collections from current yearbooks back to 1925. We have family histories on file–you can email us for a list. We prize the church directories and pictures that help researchers find information they can’t get any place else. Photos of every kind can be found here: street scenes, clubs, sports (including Junior Athletic Association), businesses, scouts, school, churches, parades, reunions…ask one of our volunteers to show you where you can find them.

History Education

Did you know that just east of Yorktown there is a native American mound built in the early Woodland period that can still be seen on Google earth? Did you know that Yorktown once had a resort with a 73-room hotel and was once a tourist destination? Did you know that Yorktown was once home to “Lake Delaware”near downtown that was formed by damming Buck Creek? Or did you know that Yorktown once had a landing strip or an electric streetcar that took residents to Indianapolis and beyond? Learn more about Yorktown’s fascinating place in history here.