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Meeting–Murder in the Meat Market–22 September 2015

The meat photograph was chosen for a reason! Really.

Join us for an informative meeting  on  Tuesday, September 22 at 7:00 pm at the Historical Alliance Museum. We are located at 9132 W. Smith St. Parking is available behind the building, across the alley in the town lot and on the side streets.  We will have the front and back doors open so you can enter from either direction.

“Murder in the Meat Market” is a gruesome story for our (almost) October meeting! Join us to hear the story.

Web Site Trial Launch

Hello fellow YHA members! Last year I volunteered to build the Yorktown/Mt. Pleasant Historical Alliance web page. It was a fun project–rather labor intensive–but still fun. I worked on the website for a number of weeks to build the framework and content. This included visits to the museum, researching resources, and meetings with Becky Monroe and others.  I am publishing the web site today even though there will be a number of things that need corrected. If you see an error, please contact me (Julie Musick Hillgrove) at or Becky Monroe at Please note that I am a volunteer and did this on my own time. I am not a professional web developer but an artist who dabbles in many things. Corrections and additions may take a while but I will do my best to get to things as quickly as possible.

I am pleased with the professional appearance of the web site and hope that you are as well. Becky wanted to include the art work done by Ron Groves in the header. We thank him very much for his donation of artwork. I designed a logo using our “Lady in the Hat” to go along with it.  We needed something simple with our name for the logo. I hope you like it.

We will need help with the website content and updates.  That includes scanning newsletters, writing articles, and entering pictures into the gallery as well as keeping the website up to date.  I will seek guidance from the group on what you want included–I started with my best guesses.

The website is far from complete.  I worked especially hard to build a good resource section.  As a genealogist, I recognize the importance of finding good reference lists for local research. This helpful section will help drive traffic to our website.  It’s important that it remain robust and updated. I also have built a “Shop” section from which we can sell museum items but that requires credit card processing so I have taken it down until we have the ability to take credit cards electronically in place. I do think this is an important element for our webpage. We also need work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that we can be more easily found on the web. Anyone with web page/SEO experience out there? We may need your help in the future!

I welcome your feedback. ~ Julie Musick Hillgrove, The Bottled Artist1511966_986869541345184_1286894890930489243_o

Reed Station–Test Post

From our March 2012 Newsletter by Becky Monroe

As early as 1900 there were for platted areas in Mt. Pleasant Township.  The largest was Yorktown, later an area known as West Muncie joined Yorktown o the eastern boundaries.  Further north in the township are tow other settlements: Reed Station and Cammack.

Our information about these last two areas is very limited.  A few weeks ago we found a newspaper article about Reed Station. It was published in October 1992 in the “Our Neighborhood” column in the Muncie Newspapers written by Ruth Hillman…more in our March 2012 newsletter.


William Reed was postmaster of Reed Station and established the post office there in 1876.

Second Fund-Raising Event Held

Our second painting fund-raising event was held on March 14th.  The Bottled Artist and their founder, Julie Musick Hillgrove, set up the event for a group in our museum. At that time participants could paint either the round barn or the old Yorktown Train Depot. We had 14 people in attendance with 10 choosing to paint the round barn and four choosing to paint the train depot. Once again there were some great paintings!

Fundraising Painting Activity

On January 17th we held a fund raiser. thanks to many of our volunteers, it was a great success. We had twelve people in the museum here to paint their own version of the round barn.  The event was presented by Julie Musick Hillgrove, founder of The Bottled Artist and a member of the Class of 1976. All supplies were furnished. Participants needed only to show up and follow instructions.  There were many first-time artists and some excellent results.  You can see the photos on The Bottled Artist LLC FaceBook page.  Thanks also to Marna Groves for volunteering as an artist assistant. The food was wonderful and the event fun for many.