• Picture of large, four- story Gothic hotel surmounted by a tower.
  • Photo of Train Depot with "Yorktown" on the end. Train tracks extending to the left.
  • Picture of Byrley Drug Store inside

About the Yorktown/Mt. Pleasant Township Historical Alliance

Our roots extend deep into the community with many members being life-long residents of Yorktown. In 2005 the Yorktown/Mt. Pleasant Township Historical Alliance had its beginnings when several area residents began holding meetings to discuss local history and share historic artifacts. We are a team of dedicated volunteers who care about our community and seek to protect and conserve its history.

We have been a 501 C3 Not-For-Profit corporation since 2006. Many contributions and donations are tax-deductible.

Our Mission

The goal and mission of the Yorktown/Mt. Pleasant Historical Alliance is to provide:

–a physical destination for community historical artifacts to be displayed and enjoyed by the community

–a community resource for school-age children, college students and others to engage in research for further education

–a body of members to aid in finding and carrying out the mission of the corporation

–a means to develop and record the oral history of our area


Meetings on various topics are held during the summer months—these meetings are open to the public and the intent is to provide information on historical topics of the area.

Meetings are held the next to the last Tuesday* in April, May, June, August, September, and October. There is no meeting in July.

(*Look at the calendar and find the last Tuesday of the month, and then look back one week for the meeting day.)

Meetings and topics are announced on our Facebook page.


Museum hours:

Thursdays: 1-5PM

Fridays: 10-2PM

Other hours by appointment.

Location: 9132 W. Smith Street, Yorktown, IN 47396

President                 Becky Monroe
Vice President        Judy St. John
Secretary                 Mary Fitzgerald
Treasurer                Christina Monroe

Board Members:

Susan Clevenger

Bob Ellis

Kay Ross Reed

Terry Fauquher

Doris Humbert

Steve Fuller

Janet Loveless

Ed Self

Vicki Craig