How You Can Help/Membership

Here are several ways to support our cause


The Yorktown/M. Pleasant Historical Alliance is always in need of people. You can volunteer to:

  • Staff the museum during a few hours a each month
  • Scan and file documents and photos
  • Work on webpage maintenance
  • Clean
  • Assist with special projects
  • Make displays
  • Research

Donate Items

Do you have any photos or items of historic interest? We always welcome:

Photos of local interest (we can scan your photo and return it in its original state). These can include:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Business buildings or street scenes
  • Houses
  • Community events including church or school related activities
  • Farms and equipment
  • Organizations (clubs, lodges, teams, troops

Items of Local or Historical Interest

  • Advertising and promotional items
  • Legal documents
  • Period Clothing
  • Family trees or histories
  • Yearbooks
  • Small tools or household items
  • Business, Organizational, and Club records
  • Military pictures and stories
  • Diaries
  • Maps
  • And more…

If it is interesting and you aren’t sure if we’d like to add it to our collection, please ask!

Membership and Financial Support

Your membership goes to support the operations of the Yorktown/Mt. Pleasant Historical Alliance and Museum.  We appreciate any financial contributions. They are always welcome and are often tax deductible.

Click this link to print a membership form: Membership form